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Post by KenanvonKaiser on Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:12 pm

Well its finally time for my next game. Just reply here to register for my next event. Hopefully there will be a sufficient enough people since May/June is the busiest time of the month for most. Allow me to explain the rules of this game.

1. There will be a number of participants, depending on how many decides to join my game. You will choose a person to challenge out of that list to a little game within my lovely garden. Only I will know what the game is until the start of it since I will be the proctor. You can choose either male or female to challenge. The winner of the challenge will either receive a size boost for themselves or a size cancel depending on what the winner chooses.

2. A size boost is easy to understand: You will gain height which may or may not help you in my game *smiles*. A size cancel is the ability to take a piece of a person's size. You cannot keep it for yourself to gain but it can prove useful hehe. A bit a strategy as your progress may be needed Laughing

3. A challenge is only official here in this thread when one issues it and the person accepts it. The mini game will be explained at my garden but it may affect other places even the thread. Some challenges will take up to 30 minutes to an hour. Others may take longer for it is completely random. Sometimes I may pick special challenges if certain "conditions" are met Twisted Evil

4. The shadows are rather hungry lol. If three day passes from the start of the game or after a completed challenge and no new challenges are officialized....every participant will loose a part of their size and it will go to yours truly *smile*. I suggest you do whatever in your power to not let this happen

5. Of course as challenges are created I will take the time to make sure a proper day where both participants can attend the date of the game.

6. I must warn you that some of the challenges I created are rather.....dark. So consider yourselves forewarned.

7. The gain in size will be a set number as well as for the cancel and the occasion if no challenges are made. The number will depend on the number of contestants that will participate.


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