Kenan von Kaiser King of Tinies

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Kenan von Kaiser King of Tinies

Post by KenanvonKaiser on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:43 pm

I was born in a small village full of 1 millimeter sized people like me. The village was kept hidden so that giantess couldn't step on it on purpose or accident. One day i decided to ignore the warning of my parents and venture out in the forbidden world. I came across giantess big as i can see. After returning to my village, my home was smushed under the feet by a giantess. emotions ran through my head as I vow to make sure no tiny is ever squished. years past as i spent my years figuring out ways to elude the giantess. before long i created a safe area where tinies of all can come to be safe. though some want to serve giantess and worship them. I don't stop them i let them make their own choices. (this is the brief summary the full story i may post in the future.)

Personalty: strong will, can be egomaniac and smart mouth, he cares about people to a high degree, even when they don't like it. Only hates evil giantess. dispite is small size he has ways of pleasing giantess if their nice.

appearance i will post it as my profile pic


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Re: Kenan von Kaiser King of Tinies

Post by Lanceleo on Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:49 am

hi dad nice to see you here


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