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Lunara's backstory


The New Lunara

Stripped of her once goddly powers she now walks the lands as a Demon.
Cursed by the Light of the sun her and her fellow demons would burn in it's rays
Lunara now lives in Beluslan the land of eternal night ruled by Rizuki as her honored guest.
Even though Lunara is stripped of her godly powers demons from all over come to aid Lunara in anyway possible.

Lunara seeks to get her god like powers back and once again take her place as the Nights Guardian.
Her Sister goddess Solaria sleeps deep in the ground below and the humans of the world find themselves praying to goddess that will not her their prayers

Stars start to fall from the sky as if the Heavens themselves were crying as these "Goddess Tears" would show the way to the heavens.
Granting the person that collected 10 of these tears the title and powers of a true Goddess.

Beluslan Land of Eternal Darkness

A land ruled and controlled by Demons, vampires and other dark Night crawlers.
Humans are seen here as food although those that are recognized and invited by Lunara or Rizuki will come to no harm.
The Demons of this land are cursed by light and unable to travel outside this land during the day time hours.

New demons come and go as they please.
Humans are likely to find themselves imprisoned eaten or worse
Those who are connected with the church of Solaria are seen as enemies in this land.

Player Rules

Starting Goddesses are Lunara and Solaria

You may choose a character that is not a devil/god/goddess as the are only room for 2 devils/gods/goddess's in the story.
regardless of your character choice and the powers/abilities you decide upon your power must be granted by a the stories Devil/God/Goddess
As a result you can not use that power to attack the god you choose so think carefully.

Your character can die in this world/story while this doesn't effect your character outside this story it does mean you will
be at the complete mercy of demons... So good luck with that.
Reviving techniques are allowed but self revival is not an option.
Demons will naturally hate those of the church.


During Story Event Time A Player's character may not leave Beluslan as the rulers of this land will let almost anyone into their land but restrict those that wish to leave.
You must get the ruler's permission to leave these lands

Outside of the story itself you are still free to use your character outside of this land

Opening Event Scene

Lunara has been welcomed in to Beluslan by Rizuki and demons from all around the world come to see Lunara and the large increase in the Demon activity in Beluslan has drawn the unwanted attention of the church of Solaria.

The church had decided to send a powerful Priestess and few of the church's followers to Beluslan to find out what awful scheme the demons were up to. Unknown to the church the Priestess they sent was actually there Goddess Solaria in a mortal form.

The Demon capital in Beluslan was beaming with life and welcoming all that came through it's doors as the smell of blood filled the air as the demons drank there merry fill of it. The air so intoxicated with the smell of blood that there demons sensitive noses had not notice the humans that had managed to sneak in disguise from the church Solaria.

Solaria would soon be aware of Lunara's rebirth and in the middle of demon capital. Will Solaria risk being spotted and lash out at her sister in her weakened state or will she try to find a way for herself and her followers to hide inside the capital of demons while she tries to figure out what Lunara's next move is?

Will they be able to blend in or should they choose to escape now?

Those wishing to join in the event may place their character intro's below!!!


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